In this section, I present evidence of my work for the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE) certification in Online Literacy Instruction (OLI). You will learn about my literacy identity and theory and how this is significantly shaped by the work I do as a literacy instructor, rhetorician/discourse analyst and writing center/program administrator.

The content here is a reflection on my practices as an instructor-administrator-scholar and what I have learned by making sense of these experiences through theoretical perspectives in OLI scholarship. The discussion places a good balance between theory, practice and experience because I believe that teaching that is effective is shaped by these three elements and this is true for OLI as it is true for teaching in other contexts.

Most importantly, the discussion happens within a specific historical moment–which is the Coronavirus pandemic–when I started actively engaging OLI scholarship besides those relating to multimodal composition pedagogy. This crisis moment is therefore an important dimension of my engagement with OLI theory and therefore forms part of the backdrop of the discussions here. However, the principles discussed transcend this moment when online teaching became a norm rather than an exception. It was also a time when I was actively teaching and administering a center across two locations. Thus, the transnational becomes a crucial dimension of the context that shapes my discussion in these sections.

The artefacts are divided in two main categories: Course 1 and Course 2.

Besides reflecting on my OLI Theory, Course 1 engages with some of the foundational principles of OLI pedagogy, particularly those related to access, accessibility and inclusion. That section also reviews a technology I use often in my online instruction, examines some course artefacts like syllabi and reflect on issues pertaining to usable design and its links with access.

Course 2 is the more practical aspect of this section as it, more than Course 1, presents artefacts from my online teaching and scholarly engagements. It contains a unit plan, workshop design, conference presentation, infographic and finally, a reflection on my OLI Theory.

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