Module 1: Unit Plans and Workshop Design

In this module, you will find two artefacts: the first is a unit plan for a multimodal composition unit for a first year writing course (this represents the kinds of documents I often have to produce in my role as a writing instructor); and the second is a program outline for a writing center workshop on online tutoring (this represents the kinds of documents that I often have to produce in my role as a writing center administrator).

Unit Plan for Multimodal Composition

The document below is a word document that contains the kind of information I would often provide as an introduction to any unit of my online first year writing course. The description contains a welcome message, a series of questions that summarizes the focus of the unit and a schedule with information about topics and assignment description. I include an audio recording for three main reasons: first, because adding it aligns with the multimodal focus of the assignment; second, this also provides the information in an alternate format for students who prefer to multimodal explanations; and finally, to provide further explanation for those who might feel they need further explanation of the unit. In designing this unit, I approached this unit through the framework of PARS ( Borgman & McArdle, 2019)–meaning Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic (see this video for some explanation on how the framework impacted the choices I made). The following contains the unit plan:

Workshop Design for Tutor Training

In preparing the workshop on online teaching, I considered a number of factors. First of all, I wanted to give equal emphasis to experience, practice and theory of online tutoring. The plan is to begin with a discussion of tutors’ experience with online tutoring so that it can serve as a basis for some of our discussion in the second part of the workshop when we focus on an article about online teaching. The subsequent activities allow us to use digital tools like Google Docs and Padlet. There is also an opportunity to discuss screencasting as an alternative for multimodal asynchronous section. Instead of sending a lengthy document, I decided to summarize the information in a format that will allow for an easy read within a minutes. Also, the document is saved as a jpeg document so it can easily be pasted or attached in an email for easy reading.

NOTE: See here for artefacts for Course 1 and here for artefacts for Course 2.


Borgman, J., & McArdle, C. (2019). Personal, accessible, responsive, strategic: Resources and strategies for online writing instructors. WAC Clearinghouse.

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