I hold a doctoral degree in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture (RTC) from Michigan Technological University (MTU). Here, you will find information about my work as a teacher, writer and researcher.

Prior to attending MTU, I earned my Bachelor of Arts (in English and Political Science) and Master of Philosophy (in English) degrees from the University of Ghana, Legon-Accra.

I am an interdisciplinary researcher who situates her work at the intersection of discourse analysis (linguistics), rhetoric, and literary studies with an emphasis on the relations between discourse, subalternity, and power. As a researcher, I am interested in working with all kinds of texts (e.g., political discourse, popular culture, courtroom discourse, everyday interactions [both face-to-face and digital] , literary texts) and how power and ideology are discursively/rhetorically constructed in such texts. “Criticality” is therefore an essential component of  my research. Consequently, my work is significantly informed by critical theory especially feminist and postcolonial theories.

My research focuses on discourses from postcolonial contexts but always with significant attention to the impact of transnational flows on discussions of contexts. My current projects examine the intersection between discourse, language and gender in an African context. I have previously examined the intersections between discourse, rhetoric and power in a courtroom discourse during an election petition and completed research on style and ideology in the fictional prose of Ama Ata Aidoo. To gain a sense of my research interests, please see abstracts of presentations under the research link. 

I have taught a number of undergraduate courses and together, these courses reflect my interdisciplinary interests. I have taught courses in first year composition, linguistics, communication and literature. To see more of my teaching, please take a look at the link on courses.  

I also do some creative writing. I write mostly poetry but I have recently being working on some short stories and reviewing recently published literary texts.

Thank you for passing by my official website and please do not hesitate to contact me with comments, questions and suggestions about my research, teaching or writing.